esper / russian / youth and violence.

Guerre Froide, Archives

Drawings by Richard Serra
The United States Government Destroys Art, 1989, paintstick on two sheets of paper, 113” x 215 ¼”

агата кристи - я на тебе как на войне

fraunhofer diffraction - beautiful

Raf Simons, Spring/Summer 2013.

Andy Warhol, Knives, 1981

Denise Browne Hare, Étant donnés in the Corner of Marcel Duchamp’s 11th Street Studio, (1968)
Hare documented the half assembled Étant donnés as it appeared in Duchamp’s cramped studio on East 11th Street in NYC in a series of photographs that were taken in the last week of December, 1969. The portfolio was commissioned by the artist’s close friend, Alexina “Teeny” Duchamp, who felt that it was important to capture for posterity the ambiance of the artist’s cramped and sparsely furnished studio.